Privacy Policy privacy policy
              Our privacy policy will help you to know about what do we share in our website and what kind of rule you will have to follow while you visit this platform. It is important to know if you visit our website then you have to follow some of our rules and regulations.

What do we share in our website:-
1. We share articles on multiple topics about Assam. Our website provides information to its visitors through our blog or articles.
2. We help people who are interested to know more about Assam. People can visit here always for reading our articles without paying a cent.
3.  Our website is also works as like a news blog, in our news Assam category we share articles on popular news's of the Indian state.
4. We do not share any wrong, miscellaneous, harmful and adult content in our website, nor we share anything wrong, which could harm Assam's peoples emotion.
5. You don’t have to worry when you use your personal information’s for contacting us , we are very professional to keep your information safe; we will not share your data with any third party.

How to use our website:-

1. Visitors can criticize our articles but can’t post any wrong comment which could harm anyone’s emotion.
2.  Comment only related to our post, Do not comment unrelated.
3.  If you have any complaint with our website then you can directly contact us through our email id.
4. You can’t use any wrong word when you comment, if you do it could break our privacy policy and it may be possible to take legal action against you.
5. Do not share any website link unnecessarily; if you do then we will delete your comment.
7. Do never try to spam or hack our website. Hacking is strictly prohibited or recognized as a cyber crime. We believe in taking hard legal action against hackers.

Change of privacy policy
         It is our right to change websites privacy policy at any time, nobody can ask any question or prevent us on changing our privacy policy. We will inform you by our notification post when we change or make amendment on it. So we hope & request you to follow all the above rules and regulations.

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