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Mishing Tribes of Assam

Are you googling about the Mishing tribes of Assam?

But little tough to get all information in a one post,

Isn’t it true?……if it,

Then you don’t worry, I am here to help you.

In this post I will tell you step by step all about the Mishing tribe of Assam, such as their dresses, food, culture, ornaments, languages and many more.
So, if are ready then let’s start…..

Mishing tribe, Mishing culture

5 Most Amazing things about Mishing Tribe

1.Culture: - What makes a culture different from others? 

Of course it can’t be defined in a few words but one major factor that works on it; is Ethnicity. Yes, Ethnicity.

Mishing culture is born from Mongolian ethnicity.

Therefore it’s much easier to experience Mongolian impact on Mishing tribes cultural elements such as dresses, language, foods, ornaments, festivals and Mishing songs etc.

Did you ever attend any of their festivals?

If you did not, then let share with you……..

In such festivals like Parag or Nora Siga Bihu, they create a beautiful traditional house called ‘Murong Ghar’ there they draw some drawings of Dragon’s.

Do you know what dragon actually signifies?

Yes, it considers about a deity of Mongolian ethnic people.

In Mongolian ethnic inhabitant countries like China, highly uses this symbol as their nation’s representation in many ways.

Many ethnographer and scholars wants’ to say that these Mishing tribe people especially belongs to Tibeto-China group but still there is no written proof in anyone’s hand.

You can also do some doubt too.

Now next point…..2

2.Food: - As I mentioned you above Mishing culture is mainly born from Mongloid culture; as it is Mishing tribe food is quite similar to other Mongolian tribes of Assam.

In old times they generally ate foods from Jungles and forests.

But now a days with the impact of modernity the trend has little bit changed.


No, culture is and will be abled to be free from the impact of modernity.

You may know that rice is the chief food of Assam but some traditional foods of Mishing are still remained; which shows their uniqueness in foods.

Such as Smoke Pork, Snails and Silk worm, smoked fish, Rice beer or Chai Mod (Mishing tribe food) etc,

Ummm…….it’s sounds so tasty.

In different times in different festivals they organize some exhibition for open showing of their traditional foods.

Festivals like Dikhow festival, Dichang festival, Majuli festival they bring these foods for open eating.

I hope you will test it in future.

Now point 3rd ……….

3.Mishing Tribe Dress: - Mishing tribe dresses have their own specialization.

But…… how?

The cause is their females.

Mishing women are very highly skilled in Handcrafting and designing their dresses of own, even for selling.

Their dresses are very colorful. It signifies the sign of delightfulness.

It’s really amazing!

There are different types of traditional dresses worn by this colorful tribal community,

These traditional dresses are like Ribi Gasor (A type of Chadar), Mibu Galuk, Yakan Age Gasar (Mekhla Chadar with black color design) and Gero (Horizontal cloth or Pothali kapur) etc.

Traditionally, their male uses some kind of shirt to cover their body, it’s called Mibu Galuk and to cover lower part of the body they uses some kind of dhoti, which is called Gonru Ugon (in mishing language).

Women’s wear dresses like Ribi Gasor (A type of Chadar), Yakan Age Gasar (Mekhla Chadar with black color design) etc.

These wearing are really very simple. During their festival seasons, marriages time they wear these dresses in very high quantity.

Ok….now point 4 

4.Mishing Language: - Do you think that Mishing language is similar to Assamese language, because they live in Assam?

If you think like that then you are wrong.


Because Mishing people are not genetically from Assam, according to a study these people were came to the land from Tibeto- China.

And of course you know that the Tibeto-Chinese languages are from Mongolian origin but on the other hand Assamese language is from the group of Indo-Aryan brunch.  

The Assam inhabitant Mishing people generally speaks in Tani Language (also speaks in Assamese too). It’s a language of Tibeto-Chinese brunch.

Districts like north-Lakhimpur, Majuli, Dhemaji, Dibrugrah and Sivasagar, this Tani language is highly spoken by Mishing people.

And the last point is……

5.Ornaments: - If people have unique culture then they must have their own unique particular lifestyle. If there have a particular lifestyle then it’s common to have particular ornamental designs too.

Ok, you may get an idea above on Mishing people dress, language, foods and cultural origin.

Now, let’s talk about traditional Mishing ornaments.

In ornamental Mishing dictionary, there are too many traditional ornaments that they have.

These are like: - Turiang (Earring), Kardoni, Sondrong (Locket), lv tog (Neck locket), Konge (Bristle) and Onsalmora (Neck locket) etc.

These traditional jewelry of mishing community is not for Men’s, it’s all are related to women wearing.


So this is it in the post,

I hope that I abled to provide some value in this post. Now if you have any query, suggestion related to the post then don’t forget to comment below.
And thank you for being with me.

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