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Awesome! 3 Most Beautiful Places of Assam Tourism

Awesome! 3 Most Beautiful Places of Assam Tourism

Assam Tourism, Beauty of Assam

How do you fell, when you get a chance to enjoy a thing of beauty?

Oh! It feels amazing. Is not it true?

Tourism is not a different part from it. It’s the best way my friend, if you want to come out from the boring machinery world and want take a breath of fresh air.

Therefore we try our best to help you to find out stunning Tourism destinations in all over Assam.

Isn’t it awesome!

Are you excited to tour the whole Assam? If you really are.........

Then stay with me, today here in this post I will help you to discover 3 most beautiful tourist places in Assam tourism.

So, are you ready?

Then, let’s start……

3 Stunning Assam Tourism Places for 2018-2019

Majuli Tourism, Largest River Island in India
Image Credit-Kalai Sukanta

1. Majuli: -
The central life of Assamese culture and tradition.

Here you can breathe the smell of the real old Assamese culture, which is somehow lost in the state now a days in order to the noise of Modernity.

Before a year now I had a tour to feel the beauty of this cultural land.

Oh, it was so nostalgic to drink the beauty of Majuli.

I can’t even explain you; it takes to me to my childhood time.

I have a special suggestion to you when visit this largest river island in India, 

don’t do anything just take a deep breath freely in the air……………

I can make sure you; you will find your childhood and the special one who you lost before (Grandfather, Grandmother….etc.).

My friend, if you are from India then you may know something about this small Assam tourism map.

But if you have no idea then don’t worry, you are not alone.

I will tell you some main information about Majuli.

The first point, because of which people know Majuli, is….Before 10 to 15 years back it was the largest River Island in the world.

But because of high erosion of soil over time it began lose its old identity of the largest River Island.

2nd point is Neo-Vaishnavite culture.

Have you ever seen Bhaona? If not, you must know about ‘Satriya Nritya’ as an Indian. Because it is one of the main classical dance of India’s eight classical dance forms.

Bhaona and Sattriya dance both are the main elements of Neo-Vaishnavism and even leading elements of Assamese culture.

In Majuli both of these elements are highly practice.

If you have a desire to take the joy of Bhaona, Then I highly recommend you to visit Majuli during Rass Leela season.

3rd Point is its people.

Ok, let me ask you a simple question. How do you feel when someone interact you very politely?

Of course, It feels great…Is not it.

Most of the people of Majuli are villagers and that is why they are very polite and frank. They love very much, when a guest come to their homes.

They treat guests like Gods come to their home.

I hope reading about Majuli; you will be able make a beautiful view point on this Assam destination.

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Sivasagar District Tourism, Rang Ghar
Image Credit- AnkurDewraja

2. Sivasagar: - Why Sivasagar is significant in Assam Tourism Map?

Actually a one main cause impact here deeply.

And that is,

There are three main cities in Assam;

Ok, I will not make it complex

I mean to say, Guwahati is known as the 1st city, Jorhat is known as the Cultural city and Sivasagar is known as the historical city of the state.

This is the Assam’s first point of interest to everyone.

From many other analytical view points, it could be a place to visit for Educational purpose or could possible to be a place of touring purpose.

Now you decide, what is your motive to visit Sivasagar?

If you have both then no other destination could be better than this,


Because you will get to have a chance to learn about the great history of Ahom kingdom; who ruled 600 long years in the land of Assam and with it you will get the taste of the real tourism fun of Assam.

Here you can see the first capital of Ahom kingdom, established in 1253 by the first Ahom king Chawlung Sukaphaa.

It is known as Charaideo.

Though today Charaideo is not a political part of Sivasagar; but till 2015 it was a part of Sivasagar district.

Now a days it is an autonomous district but still it is not so far away from Sivasagar. So, if you want then you can visit to see the first Ahom kingdom capital.

Other places to see in Sivasagar: - Rang Ghar, Kareng Ghar, Talatal Ghar, Sivasagar Pukhuri etc.

Do you know which is the first sports pavilion in Asia?

Yes, it is Rang Ghar Pavilion and it is situated in Sivasagar district, built around 1744 to 1750 by Ahom king Swargadeo Pramatta Singha.

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Kazranga National Park, Assam Tourism
Image Credit-Diganta Talukdar

3. Kaziranga National Park: - You may are ready to set up your Assam tourism calendar but wait are you sure where to go?

If you are not, then I have an another stunning place to review you.

Yes, it is Kaziranga national park.

Did you think it before? I think you should.

Because it is the most significant place from Assam tourism point of view.


Because this is the destination where you can find world one of the most rare animal one horn rhino;

It cannot be found in any other place of the world, except Kaziranga national park.

Really, thousands…..thousands of tourists from national and international comes here to see the uniqueness of this huge animal.

Hey wait,

I am not ending this review only with one horn rhino.

You also can see other animals and birds like Tiger, Wild Horse, Wild Boar, Wild water buffalo, Deer, Indian hog deer, Indian roller, Black Drongo, Long-tailed shrink etc.

Kaziranga is really a huge…….huge giant among Indian national parks.

Its total area is around 430 km2

You can’t plan your holiday for a single or two day only, if you really are interested to tour whole Kaziranga then plan it for a whole week or half a month.

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I hope you loved it.

Now plan your holiday’s………… 

And let me know .........Where you want to visit in Assam? 

Wish your happy holidays.

Assam tourist places with some Pictures
Borhill, Sivasagar, Assam Tourism
Borhill Of Sivasagar District

Borhill Sivasagar, Assam Tourism
Borhill of Sivasagar District

Agnigrah, Tezpur, Assam Tourism
Agnigrah of Tezpur District 

Majuli, Assam Tourism

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